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Our Story

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For me, hair is an accoutrement. Hair is jewelry. It’s an accessory.
— Jill Scott



No Preservatives Tress Treats, commonly known as NPTressTreats, is a satin hair care product line.We specialize in creating cute and fun satin hair products. NPTressTreats wants customers to go to bed in style and wake up fabulous and not take life so serious. You can sleep with a bonnet and be cute too. Have a little fun. Laugh at yourself.

I wanted to create cute, fun, affordable, high quality, satin hair care accessories to protect your hair while sleeping. I, Alisha (the owner, operator and user), grew up sleeping with old panties on my head to protect my hairstyle. As a child, especially a little black girl, getting my hair combed was a task. So I would get it done once a week and it had to stay nice all week!! To do this, my mom told her to wrap her head in old pair of panties. LOL. Oh, the things passed down to us!! Well today I create cute, affordable satin hair care products to protect my hair while sleeping and passed those to my mom who now also goes to bed in style!!

The name, NPTressTreats, was designed with real women in mind, hence #nopreservatives. Real women aren't hair models and know the struggle of getting and maintaining healthy hair. Real women know the struggle of trying to maintain hairstyles for a week. My goal was to create a product line that real women could use on their healthy hair journey to help them maintain hairstyles, healthy hair, prevent breakage, and avoid frizz. Additionally, real women know the struggle of time management and how much time is spent on doing your hair and little girls hair. If I can help you save time by spending less time on hairstyles I’ve succeeded!!

I've created satin products to help protect your tresses day and night. NPTressTreats products are primarily made from Charmeuse Satin. To learn more about the different types of satin visit our Benefits page.

I am obsessed with creating cute option to help you protect your tresses!!

Although NPTressTreats sell a variety of hair care items, we specialize in satin hair accessories.

NPTressTreats items are made from the heart, packaged with care, and shipped with love from Sunny SoCal.


 Locks, braids, curls, plaits. It's our hair!!

Whether it's straight, kinky, or curly!!

Gotta love it!!


Choose From:

Satin Pillowcases - Standard Size 20'' x 28'' and King Size 20" x 36". Starting at $21

Satin Bonnets - all bonnets are 20" in diameter; suitable for all ages and most hairstyles. Starting at $21

Scrunchies - Available in two sizes, small or medium ~ perfect for ponytails [medium, stretch to approx. 10"] and pineapples [small, stretch to approx. 7"]. Starting at $5

Small Square Wraps - versatile, can be used as a scarf, can wear to gym, bed, etc.; approx. 24" x 24". Starting at $15

Bedtime Wraps - keep your tresses looking right day and night; approx. 10" x 60"; can be worn in several wrap styles. Starting at $15

Large Wraps - for those days you want to look cute but don't want to comb your hair or just condition on the go; approx. 36" x 64. Starting at $15

Original Pineapple Pack - perfect for your fineapples; includes bonnet, scrunchie, and small square wrap. Starting at $35

Sets - includes standard pillowcase, scrunchie, and bonnet. Starting at $40


More than a store.....

Need wrap ideas?? Check out tutorials we love!!

Take a look at OUR LOOKBOOK for some of our creations.

Like our logo? Check out our ROCK OUR LOGO page for NPTT apparel.

Bonnets, pillowcases, scrunchies, and wraps are made to order. Please allow five to ten business days for shipping.

Thank you for supporting small business!!


Don't forget to check out our BLOG and Tutorials We Love!!

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.
— Coco Chanel