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Don't Let Your Hair Stop You From Working Out

Alisha Chavez

I'm sure you have gotten your hair done or had the perfect wash day hair so you avoided working out because we didn't want to sweat out your perfect do.

As you know, when getting in a good workout you will sweat and you may sweat A LOT. To reduce the sweat messing up those beautiful locs try putting your hair up or back with satin. The best styles for that are a ponytail, pineapple, bun, or just back!! Use a satin scrunchie to prevent dents and creases and use a satin square wrap or edge wrap to help retain your hairstyle. These two help to keep your hair off your shoulders, controlling your hair, and keep your hair in place while you workout. 

Satin is well-known fabric for protecting and maintaining healthy hair and reduce frizz, making it a perfect option for wrapping your hair while working.

We have many varieties of prints so you can look cute while wrapping your hair during your workout. Giving you the best gym selfies. #gymlife