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Dont' Leave Home Without It

Alisha Chavez

Dreamer Satin Pillowcase in Travel Bag (NPTressTreats).jpg

By: Mechelle Wisner

Summer has arrived!! Where are you heading?

Wherever you're going, don't forget to pack your NPTressTreats satin pillowcase and satin bonnet!!   

Have you ever been on vacation with your hair looking beautiful, but the next day it's ruined because you slept with those precious curls on a cotton pillowcase? Not anymore with your travel pillowcase from NPTressTreats. Did you know sleeping on cotton draws moisture out of your hair and skin leading to dry hair and facial creases?

Our satin pillowcases are soft and silky allowing your skin and hair to glide across the pillowcase, avoiding friction.  

Not only will, our satin pillowcases will keep your skin and hair looking beautiful, our satin bonnets keep your hair intact and keep your hair from becoming dry as well.

A satin pillowcase is beneficial to your complexion and hair as it is to your mind for a restful night's sleep. The satin pillowcase eliminates facial folds, keeps hair in place, protects the lashes, and also clears the complexion because a satin pillowcase allows your pores to breathe.

Wearing a satin bonnet minimizes hair tangling, frizz, and damage. Wearing a satin bonnet even give you a more restful sleep because you are overall comfortable because your hair is not all over the place.

Check out our NPTressTreats satin pillowcases and bonnets, which include a travel bag so you can take your pillowcase and bonnet everywhere you go! Use Promo Code TRAVEL10 for 10% off your next purchase.

When you are packing for your next trip, make sure you pack your NPTressTreats satin pillowcase and bonnet to keep your skin and hair looking right!!!

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