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Three Reasons to Use NPTressTreats to Protect Hair

Alisha Chavez

By Mechelle Wisner

I cannot express enough how important it is to cover or wrap your hair up at night. It is very important to your hair’s health. To my knowledge, satin scarves, satin pillowcases, satin bonnets, and satin scrunchies are best to use.

Why NPTressTreats!!!

Healthier hair

Sleeping with NPTressTreats means less split ends. It greatly reduces breakage, tangles, and thinning. It also protects your hair from dryness.

Moisturized Hair

Sleeping on NPTressTreats helps keep the curls’ shape and style without causing kinks and bumps. NPTressTreats prevents your hair from getting frizzy and poofy and also helps to retain your hairstyle (leaving you to get more sleep because you don't have to wake up early style your hair). #Iwokeuplikethis

Hydrated hair

Yep, you read it right! NPTressTreats even keeps your hair hydrated! Sleeping on cotton is known to dry out your hair from root to tips, whereas satin helps keep it fresh.

The benefits of using NPTressTreats to protect your hair seems pretty awesome, but wearing a satin bonnet or wrap can't be sexy, right? Wrong! NPTressTreats are super stylish and comes in a variety of prints, styles, and colors.

If you aren't to sure of how you'd prefer to protect your hair (protection style), then the NpTressTreats pineapple pack is your friend!

What's a pineapple pack ? A NPTressTreats pineapple pack includes a satin bonnet, satin wrap, and a satin scrunchie (available in all colors). You can protect your hair in 3 different ways.

Are you ready to take your hair to the next level? Shop now!