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Scrunchie Club Membership

Scrunchie Club

Do you love cute wrist candy and hair candy?

Join our Scrunchie Club where you will get scrunchies mailed to you each month. In your favorite prints and colors.

Each month you will recieve a fun satin scrunchie surprise on the collection you choose.

Do you love unicorns? Choose the Unicorn Collection!! Or how about pineapples? Choose the Pineapple Collection!!

Scrunchies available in the Scrunchie Club are exclusively for Scrunchie Club members and are not for purchase.

Scrunchie Club Membership

Scrunchie Club (NPTressTreats).jpg
Scrunchie Club (NPTressTreats).jpg

Scrunchie Club Membership

from 28.00

What is the Scrunchie Club?

  • A monthly subscription for those who love wrist candy and hair candy.

  • Every month you get a fun surprise.

  • Each month you will receive a new satin scrunchie exclusively available to subscription club members. The scrunchie is based on the collection you choose. Choose from unicorns, pineapples, sunflowers, mermaids, and flamingos. The scrunchies available to Scrunchie Club members will not be available for sell. The are exclusively for Scrunchie Club members.

  • Scrunchie Club membership is available in three months or six months.

  • The Scrunchie Club makes the perfect gift for scrunchie lovers.

When Will I Receive My Scrunchie?

  • The first day of the month. You will receive your first scrunchie within five business days after joining, which will be the first month of your subscription. For example, if you join November 20th your subscription begins in November. The next scrunchie will be mailed on the first day of the month for the duration of your membership. If the first day of the month falls on a weekend or holiday your scrunchie will be shipped on the following business day.

Terms and conditions

  • Scrunchie Club membership includes a one time flat rate shipping fee of $5.50.

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